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A Metaverse Atelier by Maspira Groupe
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Enterprises require a strategic plan for designing, building, and launching a Metaverse. Creating such a clearly defined and established BLUEPRINT enables organizations to align their strategic priorities with innovative technologies that can grow and scale. 


MaspiraVerse, a metaverse division of Maspira Groupe, was birthed with the sole intent to help large organizations and brands adopt, launch and scale their XR/metaverse program. With over two decades of experience in launching innovation programs, we guide your teams through a proprietary framework that will help uncover insights, define critical business use cases and metrics, and outline the most effective and innovative technologies/platforms that embolden your organization’s short- and long-term XR initiatives.

We are THE METAVERSE atelier for Enterprises & Brands. 

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While we have partnered with many XR platform providers and have built our proprietary solutions for our clients, our mission is to utilize innovative technologies to help you create the most sensational brand experiences that are aligned with your organization's XR program.


We not only understand that large enterprises like yours have their own sets of technology, privacy, and compliance criteria, but your audience engagement spans from B2B2C and may need to be engaged across web platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet), VR devices, and Web 3.0 technologies (NFTs, Crypto/Digital Wallets, Blockchain Tech). 

Unlike other metaverse studios, here at MaspiraVerse, we are fully transparent and do not get kickbacks for any technologies we build upon. Our mission will always be client first. We will always build what is truly necessary for you and your teams to adopt, launch, and scale.

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Ethical Approach

Within the realm of business innovation, where ideas take form and are carefully crafted for maximized potential, Maspira Groupe is proud to have served as a strategy consultant for dynamic and visionary global companies offering new and innovative products and brand experiences. These companies demonstrate commitment to innovating responsibly, conscious of their environmental and social impact. The success stories that follow reflect what is possible when you harness vision, clarify intent, apply ingenuity and methodology, work collaboratively, think dimensionally and capture the future in the now. The application of talent, expertise, insight and innovation is distilled into a precision achievement that manifests profitability, continuous growth, and job creation, continuously evolves, and elevates the entire enterprise.

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Curious about the metaverse? Or want to visit our metaverses? Drop us a line here or email : 

Curious how we help Enterprise and Brands adopt and launch innovation programs? Visit

Here at MaspiraVerse, we are dedicated to helping your organization implement and scale a global XR/Metaverse program. From strategic planning, design development, and building, to creating and implementing onboarding initiatives, we are your Metaverse architects and strategists. 

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Mel Lim, CEO of Maspira Groupe

Web 3.0 is already here, and we all have to learn, adapt, and adopt.

Companies who doubled down on innovation programs in 2021 are a bit ahead of the game. The question wouldn't be what is a "metaverse," XR/VR/AR, NFT, crypto, blockchain, per see, but it would be about how do we genuinely create content, products, and services that have meaningful and more significant impact on our employees, our community and customers by fully leveraging XR technologies.


Marketers, sales, and HR teams will have to train themselves to present, engage and move fluidly in fully immersive virtual environments as avatars (or not), as their customers have already moved beyond the basics and are eagerly waiting to be inspired. 


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