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A Metaverse Atelier by Maspira Groupe
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Want your very own metaverse experiences for your next event, meeting, or simply a space for you to call your own in the web 3 world? These beautiful, stunning metaverse spaces designed by award-winning designer Mel Lim, are available for lease. 

The Elysian Interstellar


This blissful, ethereal space feels almost too perfect for this world. It was born of a dream and encompasses the essence of multiple inspirations including the panoramic cinematography of the movie Dune, the Stein Salon at 27 Rue de Fleurus, and creator Mel Lim’s own love for the desert. It is to the desert that artists and mystics have long retreated to meditate and gain inspiration and insight. It is there that the warmth of the sun lights us up to the truth of ourselves.

The Elysian


Mel Lim’s Elysian concept reveals an idyllic space where creatives, thinkers, dreamers, poets, artists, builders, visionaries, and others can come together to create. The design encompasses two floors and reveals a play of light and shadows, and basic shapes, the fundamental building blocks of architecture and ideas. The first floor features a conference room, an intimate conversation room, an indoor and outdoor screening room, an indoor water pool, a bar, and a sun deck, with a tree of life anchoring the space. Open and inviting, the space is imbued with a splash of gold to evoke a sophisticated sensibility. Artwork installations from Preston and Harrison and Mel Lim, appear throughout the space. The top deck is entirely open, overlooks sand dunes, and features a small outdoor firepit. It is an ideal venue for group meditation and is perfect for stargazing.

The Elysian Interstellar

Lease The Elysian. 
Impress your audience with the most stunning and immersive Metaverse experience. 



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